Perishable Cargo

Perishable Cargo

Our extensive product knowledge ensures the safe handling and shipment of fresh and frozen produce with LCL REEFER Service to Japan offered.

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In-depth Product Knowledge

When it comes to handling perishable cargo, product knowledge is critical. Our team of specialists apply years of training and experience to determine the unique handling and temperature requirements of each container’s contents.

Fresh and Frozen Experts

From precious matsutake mushrooms and sensitive sea urchins to delicate blueberries and cherries, our Air Cargo Service regularly ships fresh produce overseas. Our attention to packing, handling and temperature and humidity control guarantees quality on arrival.

LCL Reefer Services to Japan

Nissin was the first company in North America to offer LCL Reefer Services. Since its inception 10 years ago, the service has risen in popularity because it enables companies to ship small quantities of frozen seafood to Tokyo at a reasonable rate. To ensure quality, the cargo is temperature controlled at -20°C.

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