Our planning, packing, shipping, customs clearance and warehousing ensures the timely and safe delivery of your household possessions door-to-door.

Moving should be an exciting experience, but for many, the logistics of planning, packing, shipping and coordinating things at the destination end are mind-boggling.  At Nissin, we make it easy.  For years, we’ve worked with our team of worldwide affiliates to ensure the smooth transition of households and business relocations to any worldwide destination.

At Nissin – we have all of your moving and relocation needs covered.



Everyone’s heard a moving horror story. But you won’t hear such stories from Nissin customers. We plan to the smallest detail to ensure a hassle-free, synchronized move.

Packing, Shipping and Warehousing

Whether it’s a bulky, expensive piece of furniture or a fragile family heirloom, your possessions reach their destination safely, thanks to the expertise of our packing and shipping teams. We specialize in land, sea and air transportation and if necessary, provide warehousing services to store your goods until required.

Customs Clearance Assistance

Why deal with the tedious red tape associated with customs when you can trust our professionals to assist you with your custom clearance. We expertly prepare all documents for export and import customs clearance, as well as attending at the customs office so you don’t have to.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Anywhere in the world, we safely transport your possessions from door-to-door, quickly, affordably and safely.

Nissin delivers!

Simply put, we’re experts at moving things

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Just In-Time Delivery
  • Nissin Travel
  • Perishable Cargo